Planting trees for Generations to come

Rooted in Cheyenne is a long-term tree planting program in our city to help support a more diverse and resilient urban canopy and cultivate greener, healthier, more livable neighborhoods. Residents within the Cheyenne city limits may be eligible to purchase up to 2 trees per planting to be planted in the public right-of-way. Get started with the easy application process today!

Getting a tree couldn’t be easier!

Be part of creating a diverse and resilient urban canopy, and cultivating a greener, healthier and more livable community by applying for your trees today!


Get started today by filling out our easy application. After your application is received and reviewed, a site visit will be conducted before approval to ensure your residence qualifies.

02. Get approved

You’ll receive an email with a link to choose your trees and make a payment after all site visits are complete. This email will act as your planting permit.

03. Pick A Tree

The trees in our program can be purchased for $50 per tree. Each tree is specially chosen to suit our area and makes a beautiful and unique addition to Cheyenne’s existing tree canopy.

04. Let's Dig

You will be confirmed for one of our two planting days. Your tree will either be planted in May or September depending on when you applied and availability.

Get started today!

It’s easy to get started, just fill out our online application form and see if you qualify.

Trees provide valuable benefits

One of the greatest benefits of a citywide tree planting program in Cheyenne is to help maintain and diversify our city’s century old tree canopy. Studies show that programs Rooted in Cheyenne can provide tangible growth in these key areas:

For our Health

Trees filter airborne pollutants and reduce the conditions that cause asthma and other respiratory problems.

For our Community

Trees and green spaces help reduce crime, boost neighborhood pride, and foster connectivity.

For our Environment

Trees provide shade, wind protection, reduce stormwater runoff and erosion, making our neighborhoods appealing and resilient.

For our Economy

Trees reduce heating and cooling costs for residents while at the same time increasing property values.

Get started today!

It’s easy to get started, just fill out our online application form and see if you qualify.

Upcoming Events

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Help us put roots down in our community

Volunteers are truly the “root” of what we do! We have several different ways you can volunteer and have fun while giving back to your community and building a living legacy.

We welcome your talents, skills, and creativity in helping us sustain our tree planting efforts into the future. Learn more about how you can help.

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Generous donors and sponsors like you ensure that our program is able to continue its mission here in Cheyenne. We work together to create a partnership to build a stronger community and a more beautiful Cheyenne.



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Cheyenne’s residents have always been progressive about increasing the green infrastructure in our city. In fact, the tree canopy we enjoy today was established as early as 1882!

However, as a result of an aging forest and past extreme weather events, Cheyenne is currently experiencing a high mortality rate in its street tree population.

Generous donors and sponsors like you ensure that our program is able to continue its mission here in Cheyenne.

What people are saying…

“What an amazing program! We are so grateful for our new tree! The volunteer crew was fast, efficient and so friendly!! Thank you Rooted in Cheyenne!!”

“Truly dedicated group. Dedicated to making Cheyenne Beautiful.”



Read through our frequently asked questions to learn more about our tree program.