Board Member Bio – Doug Thies

Our Rooted in Cheyenne Volunteer Board members come from many professions and backgrounds, and bring their expertise and passion to make Rooted in Cheyenne such a wonderful community program!

Rooted in Cheyenne Board Member, Doug Thies and family

Doug Thies has been a Rooted in Cheyenne Board member since it’s inception. Doug is the husband of Melanie and father of Aiden (10) and Ella (8), is a Northwest Iowa native, farm boy. He raised cattle, hogs, corn and beans on the family farm with his parents until 1999. Doug became a PGA golf professional in Omaha, NE between 2000-2011.

In 2011, he and his wife started Big Paws Lawncare in Cheyenne where he performed general lawn care, sprinkler system installations, trimming trees and selling Christmas trees. In February of 2015, he became a licensed Arborist with the ISA. Since then he has become infatuated with the challenges involved in removing some of the largest trees in Cheyenne, WY. His business also involves grinding stumps, moving and planting trees. Doug’s favorite tree is Autumn Blaze Maple, which thrives in Iowa, but unfortunately isn’t as tolerant of the alkaline soils we have here in Cheyenne. Doug is excited to be a part of the RIC tree planting program because he knows that every tree planted today is for the benefit and enjoyment of the future generations tomorrow.

Doug has been an enormous contributor to the success of Rooted in Cheyenne.  He donated his equipment and staff time from Big Paw’s Lawn and Tree Care to a full day of tree planting during fall 2018 planting day.  His staff led two crews of volunteer tree planters, and planted over 20 trees.  He has also volunteered staff and equipment to water the trees twice this winter.  We are lucky to have such a dedicated and passionate board member!