Board Member Bio – Mindy Peep

I am a Wyoming native and Cheyenne transplant since 2013. I am the Marketing Manager at Blue Federal Credit Union and have been serving on the Rooted in Cheyenne board since its inception in 2017. Growing up in western Wyoming, my mother shared her strong passion for gardening food for our family and practicing sustainability like composting and water conservation, much of which have rubbed off onto me. I attended college at Black Hills State University where I received a Bachelors of Science in Mass Communication and put my skills to work wherever they’re wanted or needed.

Mindy with her husband, Kyle, and their dog Ottis


Mindy, Kyle, and Ottis enjoying the beauty of quaking aspen in fall
My favorite tree species is an Aspen. I love Aspens because they remind me of where I grew up and riding horses in the backcountry with my family. They also grow fast!

I became really interested in the efforts of Rooted in Cheyenne while my husband, Kyle, worked for the City of Cheyenne Urban Forestry department as an Arborist. We started replanting small trees by our Avenues home after noticing a lot of the large Cottonwoods were dying around our neighborhood. I love watching them grow and appreciate that others are also seeing the difference trees can make aesthetically and environmentally. After attending the first public forum prior to the formation of our Rooted in Cheyenne board, I knew I wanted to continue to make a difference in this community. Trees are extremely precious resources for Cheyenne and after our first planting as a group, I knew this organization was going to have substantial impact on our town. I hope to be able to continue sharing my knowledge of marketing and love for the trees for years to comes!