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The Rooted in Cheyenne Process

At every step of the process, we’ll be in contact with you to let you know what is happening.

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Fill out the form below to begin the process.

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We process your request.

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An arborist will assess your site to see if you have room to plant a tree. (We will try to take into consideration homeowners’ location requests for their trees.)

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You’ll get a personalized link in an email to pick and pay for your trees after all site visits are complete, about a month or two before planting day. Trees are $50 each. (If you are unable to afford the trees, we do offer a free tree program for qualified Cheyenne residents.)

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Two weeks before planting dates are scheduled, we will have your underground utilities marked.

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An arborist will assess the site and mark where your tree will be planted, in accordance with city ordinances and utility lines.

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Your tree will be delivered and planted on your assigned planting day.


We do not warranty trees or refund money for trees after they have been planted. We do try to give your trees the best care to ensure survival.


Attention! We’re no longer accepting applications at this time. Please check back soon.

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