Cottonwoods for Cheyenne By: Sam Cox

Cottonwoods for Cheyenne Sam Cox   It’s no accident that the most common deciduous tree in Cheyenne is the cottonwood, making up about 18% of the street tree canopy (Cheyenne TreePlotter Inventory 2020) and gracing the yards of seemingly every 3rd house in the older parts of the city. One of only a handful of […]

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Young Trees are Our Future Forest By Mark Ellison

Young Trees are Our Future Forest Invest in care now to reap future benefits By Mark Ellison We recently completed health checks of all trees planted from 2017 through the spring of 2019.  We evaluated the health of each tree and gave a health condition designation of good, fair, poor or dead.  We also evaluated […]

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Trees & Snow

    We always dread those fall or late spring snowstorms when trees are most susceptible to damage from snow. It doesn’t help that during this time we still have some deciduous trees with leaves left on them. This can put even more strain on the branches of our trees. Our evergreen trees, like pine […]

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Spotlight on Bur Oak by Sam Cox

Bur Oak      Quercus macrocarpa Sam Cox In centuries past, long before a plow was seen upon the Great Plains, vast blankets of tall grass on the plains were broken up by pockets and strings of a particularly tough tree that specialized in invading grassland prairies. Few of the massive eastern tree species ventured west of […]

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