Winter Sunburn Prevention

Your eyes are not deceiving you, winter sunburn can be a real issue for trees in Wyoming. Plants and trees can become sunburned during the winter months just like you. Similar to the sunburn we often experience, sunscald on trees can damage the leaves, stems and trunks exposed to too much strong sunlight. Below is […]

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Mulch is important for your trees health! Not only will it enhance the overall look of a new planting, it will have added benefits like retaining moisture and keeping mowers/string trimmers at bay. Take a look at this fact sheet from Rainbow tree care!  

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Winter Watering

After Rooted in Cheyenne plants a tree, volunteers water that tree periodically for a year, both during summer and, to the surprise of some, in winter. You may have even noticed someone watering your tree this month, even though your tree has no leaves. This is because trees and shrubs need water all year.   […]

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