Faces of Urban Forestry – David Ahrens

Mar 12, 2019 | Faces of Urban Forestry

Originally from Sherburn, Minnesota, David went to South Dakota State University and graduated in May 2018 with a bachelor in wildlife and fisheries science with an emphasis on forestry. He chose a career in forestry to work outside and manage trees that provide many benefits to to the people and environment around them.

His favorite tree is the Honeylocust because of its large canopy, unique bark and leaf structure. This happens to be one of Cheyenne’s best growing trees. They are tough trees. Tolerant of our alkaline soils as well as drought conditions. They make great urban trees.

honey locust leaf
thornless honeylocust tree

David is just starting out as an arborist but is excited for a long and enjoyable career in the forestry field.


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