Free Tree Program

Free Tree Program

Due the gracious generosity of our sponsors and donors, Rooted In Cheyenne is able to offer a Free Tree Program to the residents of Cheyenne. You must meet all of the requirements of our typical process and some specific income and family size guidelines. Please review the chart below and if you meet the income and family size guidelines, please use our form on this page to apply for our Free Tree Program.

If your family is at or below the amount listed below, according to your family size, you qualify for a free tree through Rooted In Cheyenne. Please fill out and submit the form on this page to apply.

Family SizeIncome Level for Household
1 Person$29,300.00
2 Persons$33,450.00
3 Persons$37,650.00
4 Persons$41,800.00
5 Persons$45,150.00
6 Persons$48,500.00
7 Persons$51,850.00
8 Persons$55,200.00

Attention! We’re no longer accepting applications at this time. Please check back soon.

Thanks to Our Sponsors