“Watering trees is a unique opportunity to see the city, down to the nooks and crannies off the major thoroughfares, and to meet people here and there that we’d not meet otherwise.  I look up and down the streets and see  “Rooted’s Trees.”  Beautiful, loved and cared for.  They are symbols  and tangible beings of […]

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  Jess is the Forestry Intern with Cheyenne Urban Forestry. She grew up in New Jersey and graduated with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies from King’s College. After working as an Outdoor Educator in upstate New York, Jess joined us in Cheyenne to work on marketing and educational programming while learning an […]

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Tree Protection during Construction by Kim Ley

Warmer weather is hopefully coming to town in our not too distant future, so Rooted in Cheyenne (RIC) would like to share some tips with home and business owners on how to protect new and existing trees during construction season. RIC has emphasized the importance of shade trees to our local community’s health, quality of […]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Applicant FAQ What is the right-of-way? It is a city owned strip of land from the edge of the street back anywhere from 3-10 ft. If you have a detached sidewalk it’s the strip of land between the edge of the road and your sidewalk. Why only plant in the right-of-way? Trees planted in the […]

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