Winter Pruning

During the middle of winter, most Wyoming residents are spending their time indoors, dreaming of warmer temperatures, the coming of spring, and working in the yard. However, for those of you who have cabin fever and are looking for an outdoor project, consider getting a head start on this year’s yard work by pruning your […]

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Spruce Ips Beetle Becoming More Destructive in Cheyenne

Spruce Ips Beetle Becoming More Destructive in Cheyenne Cheyenne Urban Forestry Division along with local arborists are continuing to observe an uptick in the number of dead and dying spruce trees in Cheyenne.  This is primarily the result of the spruce ips beetle, also known as the spruce engraver beetle.  This beetle was first identified […]

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Trunk Damage to Young Trees is Preventable- by Jason Hardy

One of the easiest ways to kill a young tree is to damage the trunk with your lawnmower or weed eater. There are ways to protect your tree and prevent this from happening. First, maintain a mulch ring around your tree. Second, use a trunk protector. Thirdly, make sure that whoever is maintaining your landscape […]

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Caring For Storm Damaged Trees

Take a look at this publication for Colorado State University on how to deal with trees with storm damage. This is also a reminder that the city forestry division will only pick up limbs that are considered an emergency. (i.e. blocking the road) For limbs and trees on your private property be sure to contact […]

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