Our Trees

Spring 2024 TREES

Tree species selection is subject to guidelines and subject to change, dependent on availability. Tree requirements and maintenance for all newly planted trees can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

*Special Note About Ornamental Trees

We hear the question a lot, “Why can’t I plant a crabapple in my right-of-way if I don’t have overhead lines?” Crabapples or other ornamental trees have a wider growth habit than shade trees. They grow out, not up, which is why we plant them under powerlines. Having a tree that grows outward is not ideal for a right-of-way because of the need to keep the street and sidewalks clear of branches. This would mean more pruning more often and putting undue stress on the tree. For these reasons, we only plant Ornamental trees when the location has powerlines. If your location doesn’t have powerlines, you’ll only be allowed to plant shade trees.

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