Spotlight Board Members – Jacob and Kimberly Mares

Dec 15, 2020 | Volunteer Board


Jacob and Kimberly Mares have a passion for trees. As Cheyenne natives they have enjoyed the City’s parks and tree lined boulevards their whole lives.

“Volunteering with Rooted in Cheyenne is a way we can give back” says Jacob. As the Exterior Horticulturist at the Cheyenne Botanic Gardens, Jacob oversees the tree collection and can attest to the pleasure they bring people. Kimberly, an RN at CRMC, says trees play a large part in our well-being, “Clean air and reducing stress are just a few things trees can do for our overall health.” The benefits of trees on the Great plains are numerous but the reduction in wind might be their favorite part.

Together the two enjoy planting trees and the joy they can bring to future generations. Jacob’s favorite tree is the Larch because of its exceptional (it drops its needles) winter interest. Kimberly loves the Catalpa for its unique, heart shaped leaves and prolific spring blooms.


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