Sep 16, 2020 | Volunteers

The Gallardo/Mcmillen family

The Gallardo/Mcmillen family, who you may know as the founders of Big Bird Landscaping, have volunteered at five of our planting days. Nestor and Krista are wonderful and positive people. They fit in well with our Rooted culture– being inspired to beautify Cheyenne. Nestor and Krista, along with their daughters Natalia, Meah, and Kaden, have all volunteered. Even Nestor’s mother has planted with us while visiting from Mexico!

When the girls were asked why they like planting trees for Rooted in Cheyenne, they responded with the following:

“Because they are able to create food for healthy snacks. They also make beautiful flowers and leaves.” – Natalia, age seven

“They help the environment because they give us air and homes for animals. A lot of trees get cut down for building and animals lose their homes. By planting more we give them a home again. My favorite tree is the weeping willow.” – Meah, age nine

“They help the community look and feel nicer. I learn something about how to plant each time. I also learn about a variety of trees.”
– Kaden, age 13

We are thankful for all the help that Nestor, with both his family and his business, have given us through the years and look forward to working with them more in the future!


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