Volunteer Spotlight – Bill and Mary Schwem

Apr 22, 2019 | Volunteer Spotlight

Bill and Mary Schwem

You may recognize these two if you have volunteered at one of our events. Bill and Mary Schwem have volunteered for every planting event so far. They are the smiling faces working the registration desk getting the volunteers signed in and passing out t-shirts. They are usually the first volunteers to show up and the last to leave. We are thankful for their time that they give to help plant trees in our community.

Here’s what they had to say: “We volunteer for Rooted in Cheyenne because the program is so beneficial to our community. We have lived both on base and in the Avenues where the Cottonwoods were quite old. Five years ago we moved to a new home where the trees were small and the same variety along the streets. When we heard of Rooted in Cheyenne, we got a tree planted in the first set of plantings. We feel that volunteering is one way we can support this great program!”

Thank you Bill and Mary!


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