Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Rooted in Cheyenne!  Our tree planting depends on volunteers! We have several different ways you can help.  For safety reasons we ask that volunteers be age 12 & up.

Volunteer Assignments:

Crew Leader– A green industry professional that will donate their time, truck and trailer to lead a group of volunteer tree planters and haul trees and equipment to each planting site. Each crew leader will lead the planting of 8-12 trees on a shift.

Tree Planter– Engage in the empowering act of planting trees in our neighborhoods and transforming barren spaces into lush streetscapes.

Tree Care Provider– Be a lifeline to our newly planted trees by doing health checks and applying much needed water to sustain and grow our young forest.

Tree Ambassador– Share your excitement about trees with your friends and neighbors by hanging posters, putting up door hangers and speaking at neighborhood gatherings to promote the many benefits of trees.


If you would like to volunteer in any capacity please fill out the application form below. After your application has been received and approved we will email you a temporary password that will allow you to login below. When you login you can select what time slot you are available for on planting day or what days you are able to help water if that’s what your volunteering for. If you are having trouble please contact us and we will assist.

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